US-Iran tensions

Gold or Crude Oil: Where to Hide amid US-Iran Tensions?

Active gold futures have risen to their highest level since 2013 after the renewal of US-Iran tensions. Last week, active gold futures rose by 1.1%.
Trump steel tariffs

Does Trade Theory Back Up Trump’s Steel Tariffs?

Recent research has found that Donald Trump’s tariffs have been almost entirely passed onto US consumers—except for his steel tariffs.
Freeport-McMoRan FCX

Can FCX Stock and Copper Rise More in 2020?

Analysts don't see much upside in FCX stock. The stock’s mean consensus target price represents a potential upside of 6.7% over the next 12 months.
CLF stock US steel

Why CLF Stock Could Have an Eventful 2020

AK Steel’s acquisition would make 2020 a crucial year for CLF. The company needs to make a lot of strategic decisions about AK Steel.

Gold Continues to Shine amid Geopolitical Risks

Recently, gold continued to rise. US gold futures rose for the eighth time in the last nine trading sessions and reached $1,582 levels per ounce today.
US Steel

Could US Steel Stocks Be a Contra Play in 2020?

Overall, 2019 was a mixed year for US steel stocks. However, due to the rally in the fourth quarter, most stocks managed to close the year with gains.
US Steel

Why US Steel Stock Underperformed Peers in 2019

U.S. Steel stock (X) has underperformed peers so far in 2019. Notably, it’s the only leading US steel name that’s trading with a YTD (year-to-date) loss.
Investing in fertilizer stocks

Sales Drivers and What to Expect for Fertilizer Companies

The world has a problem that's actually good for the fertilizer industry. This is the world's population, which is ever-growing, as is food consumption.
gold prices

Where Could Gold Prices Head in 2020?

Higher realized gold prices had a positive impact on these companies in 2019. The positive outlook on gold could increase their earnings next year.