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Retirees Hit by Scams Face Additional Burden Due to Taxation on Lost Savings

Retirees face a growing threat from scams, with tax law changes worsening the situation, prompting calls for legislative action.
10 hours ago

How a Reality TV Star who Flipped Houses on Screen Ended up in Jail for Real Estate Fraud

Charles “Todd” Hill was reportedly ordered to pay back $9.4 million in restitution to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office.
10 hours ago

How a Woman's Childhood Nickname 'Weird Cheese Girl' Inspired Her Successful Side Hustle

Caroline Hesse operates her successful cheese-mongering business from a Brooklyn warehouse.
11 hours ago

Video Goes Viral as Retail Worker Voices Concerns Over Solo Store Closure

A TikTok video shared by Ket (@ketaminelorde) has garnered significant attention, with 357.4k views.
17 hours ago

With 5 Income Streams, $142K/Month from Amazon, This Woman Warns Against 3 Side Hustle Mistakes

The founder of Mind Brain Emotion, Dr Jenny Woo shared some crucial insights for hustlers.
18 hours ago

Man Challenges Himself to 1,000 Days of Chipotle for a $30,000 Ferrari

Regularly sharing his journey on TikTok, Dillon documents his daily Chipotle meals through videos.
18 hours ago

Man's Easy $25/hour Side Hustle Organizing Beanie Babies Has The Internet's Attention

With most Americans looking at steep prices, it's no surprise that many are taking up side hustles in hopes of bettering their standard of living.
18 hours ago

Lawyer Explains Why One Should Avoid Self-Checkout Counters in Stores

Many took to the video to share their views, with one user Tommy Drop "If u use self-checkout just make sure u don't steal even by accident, and ur good."
18 hours ago

Woman Thinks Her Girlfriend Is Rich and Not Middle Class as She Claims; Here’s What Netizens Said

"Rich people don’t consider themselves rich because they surround themselves with people who are much richer than them," she says in the video.
18 hours ago

Hackers Spin a Web Using Spiderman Actor Tom Holland's Social Media Account for Crypto Scam

If you come across a post from "Spider-Man" actor Tom Holland promoting a cryptocurrency or NFT program on social media, it's best to not click that link. 
19 hours ago

Woman Shares Hack to Get Rid of Annoying Workers Who Follow Shoppers Around

A woman went viral for sharing a hack to deter overbearing store workers.
19 hours ago

Dollar Tree Announces Price Increases, Sparks Anger Among Customers

The move has left customers fuming, with many flocking to social media platforms to voice their concerns.
19 hours ago

This Couple Is Paying $6,500 for Wi-Fi Alone on Their 9-Month World Cruise

The couple is among the thousands of passengers on the global trip which departed Miami back in December.
20 hours ago

Stay-At-Home Mom’s Hilarious Texts to Husband Expose Realities of Daily Grind

TikTok mom shares her day to debunk misconceptions, sparking discussion on the unrecognized workload of stay-at-home parents.
20 hours ago

4 Signs Your Side Hustle Might Be Here to Stay Longer Than Expected

You should try to have three times your annual pay saved by the time you're 40, and 10 times your annual salary by the time you're 67.
20 hours ago

TikTok's Tax-saving Tips Spark Debate and Controversy

Social media platforms like TikTok are booming with content creators offering advice on tax-saving tricks, but it might cause trouble.
20 hours ago

Sports Journalist Predicts the Fall of Chipotle Will Be Studied in Business Schools, Netizens Agree

He speaks about how the chain was at its peak in mid-2010, saying, "It was special…The portion size, the freshness, the quality."
20 hours ago

Here's What an IT Professional who Retired at the age of 35 Has to say About Financial Security

“Financial security is not an income amount. To me, financial security is a time amount," says Adcock.
21 hours ago

Nanny Shares ‘Outrageous’ Messages Parents Have Sent Her About Her Job; Netizens Stand Up for Her

Some parents have offered to pay her through food and some have asked her to work 60 hours a week.
1 day ago

Woman Loses Almost $50K to a Revolut Scam; Company Refuses Refund

They seemed legit, knowing all about her account, like past transactions and even the codes sent to confirm them.
1 day ago