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About Market Realist

Market Realist is dedicated to demystifying the world of personal finance, allowing everyone to feel empowered in understanding his/her/their financial situation and growing his/her/their personal wealth.

As independent journalists, we are dedicated to not only sharing news and in-depth analysis of the many factors that impact the markets, but also breaking down complicated topics — such as cryptocurrency, retirement planning, and credit card options — in the ever-changing financial world.

Market Realist is owned and operated by Engrost, Inc.

Editorial Standards

Integrity is at the core of everything we do at Market Realist. We adhere to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics, which states journalists must seek the truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, and be accountable and transparent.

Improving financial literacy for all is essential to everything we do and every story we write, and we not only understand, but also appreciate, the great responsibility and privilege that comes with that position. We are dedicated to making the world of finance more accessible for all of our readers, and remain committed to leveling the playing field for anyone who wants to build wealth, and empowering everyone to learn more about the financial world.

We believe that our newsroom should be a reflection of the world around us, and are dedicated to featuring a variety of voices that represent the full scope of our community and readership.

In addition to a zero-tolerance plagiarism policy, our writers are held to the highest standards when it comes to researching and reporting, and are not allowed to accept any gifts or compensation for any coverage on the site.

As part of our dedication to transparency, any sponsored content appearing on Market Realist will be clearly stated as such.

Financial Disclosures

Market Realist is dedicated to the values set out by the Association of Business Journalists’ Code of Ethics, which states that, as “guardians of the public trust,” we must recognize that responsibility and do everything we can not to abuse that power, adding, “It is not enough that we act with honest intent; as journalists, we must conduct our professional lives in a manner that avoids even the suggestion of personal gain, or any misuse of the power of the media.”

In upholding these standards of integrity, we avoid assigning any story that would pose a conflict of interest for our writers and editors, require our editorial staff to disclose any investment positions they may have to their supervisors, and do not allow our writers to cover any securities they are invested in.

Accuracy and Fact Checking

Each of our stories is independently sourced, researched, and written by highly qualified journalists who are then expected to verify the claims made within. Before publishing, every story is reviewed by an editor, who will not only copy-edit for clarity, tone, style, spelling, and grammar but also fact-check before going live on our site.

As a news source, we also remain committed to updating articles as news breaks and new information is made available to us.


Though our editing and research are exhaustive, we’re all still humans; if you catch something that one of our editors didn’t, feel free to let us know at so we can correct it.