Author: Neha Gupta

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Could trade tensions between Japan and South Korea narrow Intel's (INTC) semiconductor sales gap with rival Samsung (SSNLF) this year?

AMD’s exposure to China makes it vulnerable to escalating US-China trade tensions. The yuan's devaluation could cause massive foreign exchange losses.

On August 12, Google (GOOGL) unveiled a new login system that doesn't require passwords, FIDO2-based local user verification.

This week, Alibaba (BABA) Cloud, Alibaba Group's cloud computing unit, announced the addition of nine new partners for its China gateway program.

Currently, institutional investors own 71.2% of AMD's shares. Institutional investors like AMD stock more than Intel (INTC) and Nvidia (NVDA).

Users of PayPal’s Venmo app now can access their money instantly for a fee. However, traditional Venmo transfers are still fee-free.

On Monday, Forbes China stated that Alibaba was launching a new ride-hailing service. However, Alibaba swiftly denied the report, according to Asia Times.

ShipStation has partnered with Alibaba to expand business opportunities for e-commerce sellers in the US, according to a recent statement.

China’s anti-corruption agency, CCDI, recently mentioned Alibaba as one of the country’s technology giants battling high-profile internal corruption.

Chip giant AMD has unveiled two new graphics cards dubbed the “NVIDIA Killers.” Navi 21 and Navi 23 are the new GPUs slated for release in 2020.