Author: Neha Gupta

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On August 23, amid an escalating trade war, President Donald Trump ordered US companies to seek alternatives to Chinese manufacturing.

Nikkei Asian Review reported yesterday that Google (GOOGL) is shifting production of its Pixel smartphone from China to Vietnam.

For a long time, China’s stance concerning cryptocurrencies was unfriendly. As such, Alibaba's crypto operations took place through third-party companies.

According to Canalys's latest report, Baidu beat Google to become the world’s second-largest speaker company by market cap in the quarter.

Google plans to shut down its cloud-based job recruitment tool, Hire by Google, next fall. HR departments use this tool to simplify the employment process.

Last month, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates by 0.25%. However, President Trump is pressuring the Fed and calling for more rate cuts.

Bernie Sanders said that if he becomes president, he wants to tax Google and Facebook’s ad revenues to pay for the revival of a new media industry.

Alibaba India paused its investments in startups as competition in the market is heating up. Walmart, PayPal, and Amazon are going big in India.

Alibaba (BABA) is purchasing Kaola, NetEase’s cross-border e-commerce business, for $2.0 billion, Chinese news outlet Caixin reported on August 16.

The escalating US-China trade war hit chip stocks as Trump asked American companies to leave China. China is a major market for many US chip companies.