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The Trump administration has reportedly agreed to extend Huawei's license, enabling it to continue its business with US companies for another 90 days.

According to CNBC, a UBS survey of high-net-worth individuals has found that more than half of the respondents foresee a market crash next year.

At the height of the sell-off, President Trump actually advocated buying US stocks. In hindsight, following his advice might have made you rich.

Amid rising concerns about vaping-related deaths, President Trump recently announced that he'd meet with representatives of the vaping industry.

Donald Trump's impeachment issue seems to have just compounded Facebook’s (FB) struggle to curb misinformation on its digital platforms.

Currently, 33 states and Washington, D.C., have legalized medical cannabis, but it's illegal in Kansas. Even having a small amount is considered a crime.

On November 8, the Dow Jones closed at the 27,681.24 level, just 0.3% below its all-time high. US-China trade deal optimism raised equity markets.

Yesterday, the US and China agreed to cancel their imposed tariffs. The trade deal hopes could boost Marvell stock. Is now the time to buy?

Twitter stock (TWTR) is falling on reports of a criminal complaint. Twitter employees have been charged with spying on users for the Saudi government.

French aircraft maker Airbus seems to be leveraging the Boeing (BA) 737 MAX fallout by expanding its aircraft production capacity in China.