Author: Ruchi Gupta

Ruchi Gupta works as an analyst covering various beats—from telecom to internet and from mobile to semiconductors. Previously, she had stints with companies like Genpact (for its GE domain), Zacks Research, and ABN AMRO Bank, spanning a period of five years. She holds a first degree in accountancy and a post-graduate diploma in business administration (first class) from the International School and Business and Media in India.

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Alphabet’s Waymo One plans to start using driverless cars for its autonomous taxis. The service is available to a small group of customers in Phoenix.

Google’s advertising market is under attack from Amazon, which also stands as an obstacle in the cloud and smart speaker markets.

France wants the EU to set up a special supervisory body for big tech companies after Google has refused to pay publishes for article extracts.

Elizabeth Warren's campaign plans to limit donations from big tech firms. The presidential candidate has discussed breaking up Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

TikTok is poaching Facebook's (FB) employees, according to a CNBC report. As a result, the rivalry between the two social media businesses continues to escalate.

Netflix’s earnings results show continued revenue and subscriber growth but also continuing challenges as the market becomes more competitive.

Facebook is working to open up new revenue streams outside the advertising market. That's where businesses such as Workplace come in.

Google has unlocked more potential for Google Pay in Brazil. The company has introduced a debit card payment function on Google Pay in the country.

A federal judge in New Jersey has cleared InvenTel Products to proceed with its lawsuit against Google (GOOGL), Reuters reports.

Despite having high-profile defections in the past week, Facebook's Libra Association proceeded with its inaugural members meeting.