WFT’s Stock Price Forecast for This Week



Weatherford International’s implied volatility

As of June 22, Weatherford International’s (WFT) implied volatility was 58.9%. Since April 24, when Weatherford International’s first-quarter financial results were released, its implied volatility has decreased from 63%. WFT’s stock price increased nearly 21%.

Weatherford International’s price forecast

Implied volatility for WFT’ peers        

  • Helix Energy Solutions Group’s (HLX) implied volatility as of June 22 was 46.5%, which implies that HLX’s stock price can vary between $8.12 and $7.14 by June 29.
  • Oil States International’s (OIS) implied volatility was 37.9%, which implies that OIS’s stock price can range between $35.15 and $31.65 by June 29.
  • McDermott International’s (MDR) implied volatility was 34.4%, which implies that MDR’s stock price can vary between $21.94 and $19.94 by June 29.

Next in this series, we’ll discuss WFT’s correlation coefficient with crude oil.

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