DCP Midstream’s Short Interest Is the Highest among Its Peers



Short interest as a percentage of float

Short interest in DCP Midstream (DCP) was ~5.6 million shares on June 27, 2017. At the same time, its short interest as a percentage of float ratio was 3.8%, the highest among its selected peers. 

However, DCP’s short interest as a percentage of float ratio has fallen compared to its previous month’s average of 4.1%.

EnLink Midstream Partners’ (ENLK) short interest was 1.6% on June 27, 2017, significantly lower than its level at the beginning of the year. This difference could indicate a bullish sentiment in ENLK.

Western Gas Partners’ (WES) and Enable Midstream Partners’ (ENBL) short interests as percentages of float have remained below 2% for most of the past year. Moreover, the short interests of ENLK, WES, and ENBL are below the industry average of 2.8%.

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