What Are Analysts’ Recommendations for Dentsply Sirona?



Analysts’ recommendations

According to analysts’ consensus estimate, Dentsply Sirona (XRAY) has the potential to return ~11.7% over the next 12 months. Of the recommendations received from 14 brokerage companies in a Bloomberg survey, 43% of the analysts gave Dentsply Sirona a “buy” rating and ~57% gave it a “hold” rating. None of the analysts gave Dentsply Sirona a “sell” rating.

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The above chart lists the nine brokerage firms that provided target prices for Dentsply Sirona for the next year. The consensus 12-month target price for the company is $68.7—amounting to an 11.7% return potential. Dentsply Sirona’s price was $61.5 on June 29, 2016. The stock traded at a 52-week high of $65.8 on June 13, 2016, and at a 52-week low of $49.5 on October 2, 2015. Dentsply Sirona’s stock registered an ~19.8% total return in the last 12 months.

Analysts’ 12-month target prices

On May 9, 2016, Goldman Sachs gave Dentsply Sirona a one-year target price of $63—the lowest of all the target prices provided. This target implies a 2.5% return over the next 12 months. Among the other large investment banks, Morgan Stanley gave Dentsply Sirona a one-year target price of $65. This implies a return potential of 5.8% over the next 12 months. The highest one-year target price of $78 was provided by Northcoast Research. It represents a return potential of ~27%.

Peers Zimmer Biomet Holdings (ZBH), Align Technologies (ALGN), and Integra Lifesciences Holdings (IART) have average broker target prices of $128, $87.1, and $79.8, respectively. These figures imply returns of 7.5%, 9.1%, and 2.3%, respectively, in the next 12 months. Investors might want to consider ETFs such as the iShares Russell Mid-Cap ETF (IWR). IWR has ~0.25% exposure to Dentsply Sirona.


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