An Investor's Guide to United Therapeutics in 2017

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An Investor's Guide to United Therapeutics in 2017 PART 1 OF 3

Analysts’ Recommendations for United Therapeutics

Financial performance in 2Q17

In 2Q17, United Therapeutics (UTHR) reported revenue of ~$445 million, representing year-over-year (or YoY) growth of around 8%. Its orally administered true prostacyclin analog therapy, Orenitram, reported revenue of ~$46.0 million in 2Q17, YoY growth of 21%. With reported revenue of $120.6 million and YoY growth of 33%, Adcirca also contributed significantly to United Therapeutics’ robust financial performance in 2Q17.

On the other hand, Remodulin sales fell 1% YoY to $157.7 million in 2Q17. The company also reported a 3% YoY fall in Tyvaso sales, which were close to $104.2 million in 2Q17. Finally, Unituxin sales stood at $16.1 million in 2Q17, a YoY fall of around 10%.

Specialty pharmaceutical distributors for PAH (pulmonary arterial hypertension) drugs Orenitram, Tyvaso, and Remodulin must maintain certain inventory levels because PAH may be life threatening if therapy is interrupted. In this context, distributors place monthly orders based on utilization trends and contractual arrangements. Therefore, most changes in the drugs’ sales reflect underlying demand trends and are less dependent on inventory management changes. United Therapeutics makes up about 1.9% of the SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (XBI).

Analysts’ Recommendations for United Therapeutics

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Analysts’ recommendations for United Therapeutics and peers

Of the 13 analysts covering United Therapeutics in October 2017, two have rated the stock a “strong buy,” six have rated it a “hold,” four have rated it a “sell,” and one has rated it a “strong sell.”

Of the 26 analysts covering Regeneron (REGN) in October 2017, ~50.0% have rated the company a “buy.” About 75.0% of the analysts covering Jazz Pharmaceuticals (JAZZ) have given it a “buy” recommendation, while 83.0% of the six analysts tracking Ligand Pharmaceuticals (LGND) have rated it a “buy.” In the next article, we’ll discuss United Therapeutics’ revenue growth prospects in greater detail.



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