What Analysts Recommend for Verizon



Analysts’ target prices

Verizon’s (VZ) closing price on January 4 was $56.36 per share. Analysts have given Verizon a median target price of $59.00, which implies an estimated upside potential of 4.7% for the next 12 months. Among the 29 analysts covering Verizon, 12 recommended a “buy,” and 17 recommended a “hold.” None of the analysts recommended a “sell.”

Verizon has generated returns of 7.2% in the trailing-12-month period and -3.0% in the trailing-one-month period. Verizon’s share price has increased by 2.2% in the last five trading days. In comparison, AT&T (T), Sprint (S), and T-Mobile (TMUS) have generated returns of 7.8%, 6.2%, and 7.7%, respectively, in the last five trading days.

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Bollinger Band

In the January 4 trading session, Verizon stock closed at $56.36, which is near its Bollinger Band mid-range level of $56.22, which suggests that Verizon stock is neither oversold nor overbought.


As of January 4, Verizon’s 14-day MACD (moving average convergence divergence) is 0.96. T-Mobile’s 14-day MACD is 1.82, AT&T’s is 0.77, and Sprint’s is 0.17. A stock’s MACD marks the difference between its long-term and short-term moving averages. Verizon’s positive MACD number denotes an upward trading trend.


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