Apple's Freeform App Is Great for Building Businesses — Here's How

Technology has provided incredible advancements when it comes to collaboration in the digital age. What is the Freeform app used for?


Mar. 7 2023, Published 8:34 a.m. ET

Technology has provided incredible advancements when it comes to collaboration in the digital age. When it comes down to productivity and teamwork across industries, each may have set their own expectations when working towards a unified goal. Part of reaching that goal has been bridged through innovative new solutions when taking advantage of more online workspaces.

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Apple's Freeform app has joined the ever-growing world of media collaboration. What is the Freeform app and what is it used for? Keep reading for all the details.

What is the Freeform app?

The Freeform app provides a flexible digital canvas accessible for all of the collaborators on a project and they're able to work in one concrete place. The application eliminates any issues of overwhelming the workspace with oversized uploads, and pages, or booting existing content off of the layout. Others can be invited to work on the designated Freeform board where all the content is hosted. The Freeform app is backed by the Cloud, which protects all uploaded data.

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This whiteboard-inspired application provides built-in tools that aid in success when working on projects through the medium. Collaborators are able to access the Freeform app even while on FaceTime with their peers and the app's coding supports a variety of files. Scanning features, sticky notes, and drag-and-drop content make sure that everything needed for the task at hand can be kept in one place. Apple Freeform users are able to transfer data from other apps onto their Freeform board.

Apple prides its Freeform app on being a mobile collaboration space used for solo projects or group work. Up to 100 individuals can join one Freeform space and the information from each Freeform workspace can be shared across Messages for iPhone or Apple users. iCloud integration connects Apple users to their Freeform whiteboards and gives them the ability to share across supported media. For those without Apple products, the Freeform whiteboard is able to be exported via screenshot or as a PDF.

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How can you use the Apple Freeform app for work or building a business?

Freeform app can be used for anything. What the Freeform app is used for is entirely up to the user. The fluid nature of the application returns creativity to productivity. When it comes down to putting the Freeform app to good use, there are really no boundaries or limitations as to what can be achieved. Most popularly, the Freeform app is used for work or for building a business. The app's interlinking properties make it a perfect place for go-getters to put their heads together.

Because the Freeform app is accessible to so many, doing work or building a business can be compiled in one place. Collaborators can share their ideas, upload their personal findings, share photos, and make notes on others' input on the whiteboard. Having one designated location for entrepreneurs or coworkers promotes cross-collaboration and inspires new ideas. The unlimited possibilities for what the workflow may look like nurtures innovation across businesses.

When using the Apple Freeform app for work or building a business, the online workspaces can be used for designated projects or stand out as starting places for brands-to-be. They make room for all members of the Freeform board to contribute their own ideas, regardless of day, time, or place. The app's 24/7 accessibility disposes of the notion that new ideas should only be noted during work hours. Instead, it introduces an overhead method of seeing what all are thinking, no matter where they're at.

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