How Microsoft Azure Could Benefit from the Bonsai Acquisition



Bonsai’s integration with Azure would expand its reach

Earlier, we discussed how Bonsai’s AI development platform would enrich Microsoft’s (MSFT) stance in the AI space. Bonsai’s system will be deployed on Microsoft Azure.

According to CNBC, Gurdeep Pall, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of business AI, said of Bonsai that Microsoft would “make sure it’s running great on Azure.” Bonsai’s integration with Azure could expand its reach in robotics, industrial control systems, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and autonomous systems.
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Azure’s role in Microsoft’s dominance in the cloud space

Azure is the cloud computing platform that has made Microsoft the number two player behind only Amazon (AMZN) in the competitive and consolidated cloud space, as the above presentation from Synergy Research Group shows. Google (GOOG), Alibaba (BABA), and IBM (IBM) round out the top five.

To enhance its position in the cloud space and compete with other players, Microsoft intends to add differentiating features to Azure. This explains why Microsoft has invested heavily in making AI and machine learning accessible to businesses and developers, as we can see via its Azure ML Studio and CNTK (Cognitive Toolkit).

With Bonsai’s integration into Microsoft’s Azure and AI portfolio, its current portfolio will be enhanced with an acceptable reinforcement learning AI platform that will enable developers to integrate AI into dynamic and complex systems.


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