Why Verizon’s Postpaid Phone Customer Count Has Fallen



Verizon’s postpaid phone net additions

Postpaid phone customers, especially smartphone users, are of particular value for mobile operators. Users of Google (GOOG) Android phones or Apple’s iPhones tend to have higher data usage, making them the most lucrative for mobile operators.

In 1Q18, Verizon’s (VZ) retail postpaid connections rose 260,000, offset by 75,000 tablet losses and 24,000 phones losses due to intensifying competition. Analysts had anticipated that it would lose 50,000 postpaid phone customers. In comparison, the company lost 289,000 postpaid phone net subscribers in 1Q17.

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Peer comparison

In 1Q18, T-Mobile (TMUS) added 617,000 net postpaid phone customers and AT&T (T) lost 22,000 net postpaid phone customers. Sprint (S) reported 55,000 postpaid phone customer net additions in fiscal 4Q17 (quarter ended in March).

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