How Cisco’s Crosswork Network Automation Could Help Its Customers



Solution framework for network service providers

As we noted earlier in this series, Cisco Systems’ (CSCO) Crosswork Network Automation is a solution framework that helps network service providers transform their operations. This platform transforms and automates operations using tools such as machine learning, data analytics, and telemetry.

This framework provides a network with open application program interfaces (or APIs) that streamline the deployment of applications and services. This framework is primarily an operations framework aimed at transforming service provider network functions.

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Use cases for various platforms

The Cisco Crosswork Network Automation uses analytics enhanced closed-loop automation to rectify network issues as they occur. The Cisco Crosswork Data Platform and Cisco Crosswork Health Insights utilize real-time visualization coupled with analytics to provide insights into network performance.

The Cisco Crosswork Situation Manager platform uses AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms to identify faults across multiple network domains. The Cisco WAN Automation Engine (or WAE) and XTC (XR Traffic Controller) uses data analytics and telemetry to improve real-time network performance.

Improved customer outcomes

Automation has led to an improvement in customer outcomes. According to Cisco Systems and as seen in the chart above, customer service onboarding has improved 78.0% while the execution of change requests has improved 81.0%. The execution of maintenance procedures has improved 84.0% followed by a 70.0% improvement in the meantime for repairs.


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