Can Juniper Improve Profitability in Fiscal 2018?



Juniper’s EPS expected to rise marginally in 2017

We’ve seen that analysts expect EPS (earnings per share) for Juniper (JNPR) to fall 21.2 % YoY (year-over-year) to $0.52 in 4Q17 from $0.66 in 4Q16. Comparatively, Juniper’s revenue is expected to fall 10.9% YoY to $1.23 billion in 4Q17 from $1.39 billion in 4Q16. Further, Juniper’s revenue in fiscal 2017 is expected to rise marginally by 0.6% YoY to $5.02 billion, compared to a 0.5% rise in EPS. For fiscal 2018, analysts expect revenue to rise 0.3% while EPS is expected to rise 1.4% to $2.13.

Analysts expect revenue to rise 2.9% YoY in fiscal 2019 at $5.84 billion for Juniper. The US-based (SPY) Juniper is part of the mature hardware networking industry, and it could face difficulty in growing revenue in a slow market over the next few years.

Operating margin for WDC estimated to rise in fiscal 2018

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Analysts expect Western Digital’s operating margin to rise from 20.6% in fiscal 2017 to 25.5% in fiscal 2018. Its net margin is expected to rise significantly from 2.1% in fiscal 2017 to 25.5% in fiscal 2018. Its operating margin is expected to fall to 22.7% in fiscal 2019 and 22.6% in fiscal 2020. Comparatively, WDC’s net margin might be 11.1% in fiscal 2019 and 12.5% in fiscal 2020.


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