How NetApp’s Data Fabric Strategy Helps Customers



What is data fabric?

NetApp (NTAP) believes that data fabric is the future of data management. The combination of services, connectivity, and endpoints is referred to as a “fabric,” and NetApp has a number of data fabric offerings, including Clustered Data ONTAP, SolidFire, and StorageGRID systems. Data fabric helps to connect the end points of these products, which help businesses communicate effectively.

According to a research paper by NetApp, data fabric “enables customers to respond and innovate more quickly because data is free to be accessed where it is needed most.” It also enables businesses to focus on revenue growth, customer experiences, and other service and product offerings.

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Integrated with Amazon Web Services

NetApp’s (NTAP) data fabric cloud sync service is integrated with Amazon Web Services (AMZN), which allows companies to achieve cost-effective data analysis. NetApp CEO George Kurian stated: “We showcased cloud sink at AWS Summit last week and you can expect to hear more about how we empower customers to leverage cloud resources and integrate them with their existing IT investments over the course of this fiscal year.”

Earlier this year, NetApp stated that it has partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide hybrid cloud solutions to companies. NetApp’s ONTAP Cloud should thus enhance Amazon’s cloud storage through Enterprise Data Management.


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