Does BeyondCore Complement Salesforce’s Demandware Acquisition?



BeyondCore: Determining trends in customer data

So far in this series, we’ve learned how BeyondCore could strengthen Salesforce’s (CRM) position in CRM (customer relationship management), business analytics, and machine learning. BeyondCore, with expertise in business analytics, could enhance Salesforce’s stance with sales representatives and provide an insight into their data, thereby allowing the company to establish the best point of focus. BeyondCore could boost Salesforce by making it a provider of sales operations offerings as well as a sales supporter.

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According to Searchsalesforce.techtarget.com, Big Bang ERP account manager Mauricio Chapa stated that “there’s a lot of synergy already there; it makes it easy for Salesforce to continue working with them,” adding that “analytics sometimes raises more questions than gives answers, and what BeyondCore does is it allows you to see through the mess of data and make some sense of it.”

Salesforce reports the lowest growth

We know that Salesforce leads the SaaS (software-as-a-service) space. However, despite being a leader, Salesforce recorded the lowest growth (21%) among the top ten players in the enterprise SaaS space, according to Synergy Research. Microsoft (MSFT) trailed Salesforce with a 13% market share and recorded a 70% growth in 2015. SAP (SAP) recorded the highest growth in the SaaS space in 2015, with a 73% growth.

Synergy Research’s estimates show that although SaaS accounted for only 8% of overall software sales, it grew by approximately 40% in 2015, and it’s very likely that it will grow by more than threefold in the next five years.

The falling growth and increased competition in the SaaS space might have pushed Salesforce to go for the BeyondCore acquisition. As a leader in this space, Salesforce is likely to benefit from the growing SaaS adoption.

In June 2016, Salesforce announced its largest acquisition ever, that of Demandware for $2.8 billion. The Demandware acquisition was planned to broaden Salesforce’s presence, taking it from the SaaS and CRM space to the e-commerce space. BeyondCore could make CRM-focused Salesforce a company that provides end-to-end offerings.


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