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How to Pick the Best Crypto Trading Signals Providers

Ruchi Gupta - Author

Jun. 29 2021, Published 8:16 a.m. ET

Recently, Bitcoin’s lifetime returns on investment rose as high as 80,000,000 percent. Many new investors are turning to crypto trading signals channels and groups in pursuit of Bitcoin-type returns. What are the best crypto trading signals providers and should you go for free or paid signals?

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Before getting into selecting the best crypto trading signals providers and whether a free or paid service is best, let’s look at what signals are and why you might need them. Crypto trading signals are simply ideas to help investors know the right time to buy or sell a cryptocurrency for profit.

These ideas can come from expert analysts and traders or from anyone. Therefore, to get the best crypto trading signals, you need to carefully choose your source. It’s also important to know your investing goals. Some signal channels might target day traders, while others might target long-term investors.

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Types of crypto trading signals

Crypto trading signals can fall into a variety of groups depending on how they’re generated and what you need to access them. Manual signals are the types based on the intelligence of humans like a professional crypto trader with a good track record of profits. On the other hand, automated signals are software-generated and come from the analysis of a range of indicators.

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Trading signals can be free or require a subscription. You might only need to join a crypto trading channel or group to access free trading ideas offered to members. However, some signal providers require you to purchase a subscription, which can be a monthly or annual plan, to access their trading advice.

Investors count on best crypto trading signals to generate Bitcoin-like returns
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How to get the best crypto trading signals

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there and many more continue to launch, including those built around memes like Baby Doge and Floki Inu. Deciding on the right cryptocurrencies to buy or sell in different market situations can be overwhelming for beginners. With the right crypto trading signals, you can maximize your profits in any market condition.

If you want to get advice from a human expert, then manual signals would be great for you. If you’re looking for advice that isn’t linked to human emotions, automated signals are your best bet.

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Also, you might want to start with free advice if you’re on a budget. Some investors think that paid signals lead to the best crypto trading results. Whether you're going for manual or automated signals, make sure you choose reputable sources to avoid scams.

What are the best crypto trading signals providers?

There's a multitude of crypto trading signals channels and groups. They differ on a variety of factors including the quality of service, the scope of advice, and whether the advice is free or paid. If you’re searching for the best crypto trading signals providers, here’s a list you can start with: 

  • Fat Pig Signals

  • Elliot Wave Forecast

  • Signals Blue

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Fat Pig Signals uses a Telegram group to share crypto trading ideas from a team of analysts and veteran traders. It offers both free and paid advice covering a broad range of cryptocurrencies. Fat Pig is among the well-known crypto trading signals providers.

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Elliot Wave Forecast is a popular investment adviser that offers ideas to those trading crypto, stocks, commodities, and more. It offers a limited free trial before you’re required to purchase a subscription. Elliot Wave Forecast drops its signals several times a day.

Signals Blue ranks among the most accurate crypto trading advisers. It’s designed for both beginners and experts. Beginners are able to obtain training to increase their knowledge. Signals Blue shares trading ideas multiple times a day and you need to purchase a subscription to access them.


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