Stock Price Movements for Boston Scientific in October



Boston Scientific’s stock price movement

On October 26, Boston Scientific (BSX) stock closed at $35.83, which was 1.54% lower than its October 25 closing price. The stock has fallen 8.08% from $38.98 on October 1 to $35.83 on October 26.

On October 24, Boston Scientific announced its third-quarter earnings performance. The company reported revenues of $2.39 billion in the third quarter, which is a YoY (year-over-year) increase of 7.7% on a reported basis and 9.1% on an operational basis. The company reported 8.7% YoY organic revenue growth in the third quarter. The company, however, missed its consensus revenue estimate by $10.0 million.

Boston Scientific (BSX) reported adjusted diluted EPS of $0.35 in the third quarter, which is a YoY rise of 12.9%. The company beat its consensus EPS estimate by $0.01.

Based on its October 26 closing price, BSX reported returns of -1.94% in the last week, -6.55% in the last month, and 8.81% in the last quarter. Boston Scientific also reported returns of 24.76% in the last half year, 24.32% in the last year, and 44.53% YTD (year-to-date).

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Analysts’ recommendations and target price for Boston Scientific

The 12-month consensus analyst recommendation for Boston Scientific (BSX) stock on October 29 is a “buy.” The 12-month consensus target price for the company is $41.88, which is 16.89% higher than its closing price on October 26. The highest target price estimate for the company is $48.00, and the lowest target price estimate is $38.00

Of the 25 analysts covering Boston Scientific on October 29, 15 analysts rated the company as a “strong buy,” and seven analysts rated the company as a “buy.” Three analysts rated the company as a “hold.”

In the next article, we’ll discuss the revenue projections for Boston Scientific.


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