What Analysts Have to Say about Prospect Capital



Ratings for Prospect Capital

Prospect Capital (PSEC) has had constant ratings for the past few months. Of the five analysts covering the stock, one has recommended a “strong sell,” one has recommended a “sell,” and the remaining three have rated it a “hold.” None of them have rated it a “buy” or “strong buy.”

Moving forward, analysts’ ratings could mainly depend on Prospect’s originations.

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Ratings for Prospect Capital’s peers

In June, Prospect Capital’s competitor (XLF) Apollo Investment (AINV) is being covered by 12 analysts. Five of them have given it a “hold” rating, one is recommending a “strong sell,” three are recommending a “strong buy,” and three have rated it a “buy.” The ratings have been consistent for the past two months.

TPG Specialty Lending (TSLX) is being tracked by ten analysts in June. Two of them have given it a “hold” rating, five are recommending a “buy,” and three are recommending a “strong buy.” None of the analysts have given it a “strong sell” or “sell” rating. The ratings were the same in May.

Of the nine analysts covering TPG Specialty Lending stock in April, two recommended a “hold,” four recommended a “buy,” and three gave it a “strong buy.”

In June, Ares Capital (ARCC) is being tracked by 16 analysts. Four of them have given the stock a “hold” rating, six are recommending a “buy,” and six are recommending a “strong buy.” None of them have recommended a “sell” or “strong sell.”


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