What Analysts Have to Say about American Express



‘Hold’ ratings

In December 2017, American Express (AXP) is being tracked by 30 analysts. Five of them are suggesting a “strong buy” for the stock, and 16 are suggesting a “hold.” Two are recommending a “strong sell,” and seven are recommending a “buy.” The company could see an improvement in its ratings after sealing the deal with Marriott International (MAR). After the new chief executive officer takes charge, the company could also see a change in ratings.

Of the 30 analysts tracking AXP in November, four were recommending a “strong buy,” 17 were suggesting a “hold,” and seven were recommending a “buy.” The remaining two were rating it a “strong sell.”

Ratings on other players

American Express’s competitor (XLF) Capital One Financial (COF) is being covered by 24 analysts in December 2017. Nine of them are recommending a “strong buy” for the stock, and two are recommending a “strong sell.” Four of them are rating it a “buy,” and nine are rating it a “hold.”

Green Dot (GDOT) is being tracked by 15 analysts in December 2017. Two of them are recommending a “strong buy” for the stock, and seven are recommending a “hold.” Six analysts are rating it a “buy.” These ratings are the same as the previous month.

Of the 16 analysts covering GDOT in October 2017, two analysts rated it a “strong buy,” seven rated it a “hold,” and the remaining seven recommended a “buy.”

In December 2017, 22 analysts are tracking Synchrony Financial (SYF). Eight of them are recommending a “strong buy,” and six are recommending a “buy.” Eight analysts are recommending a “hold.”

Of the 22 analysts tracking SYF in November 2017, nine were recommending a “strong buy,” seven were recommending a “hold,” and six were rating it a “buy.”

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