Wall Street Ratings after Prospect Capital’s Fiscal 1Q18 Earnings



Ratings after fiscal 1Q18

Prospect Capital (PSEC) is analyzed by five Wall Street analysts in November 2017. Of these analysts, one has rated the stock a “sell” and another one has given a “strong sell” rating. The remaining three say “hold.” These ratings are the same as last month.

Five analysts covered PSEC in September 2017. Of these analysts, one rated the company a “sell” and two suggested a “strong sell.” The remaining two analysts said “hold.”

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Peer analysis

KCAP Financial (KCAP) is covered by four analysts in November 2017. All these analysts rated the stock a “hold.” However, in October 2017, KCAP was tracked by three analysts, and all of them said “hold.”

Prospect’s competitor (XLF) Apollo Investment (AINV) is analyzed by 12 analysts in November 2017. Of these, one has a “strong sell” rating on the stock and two have “strong buy” ratings. However, AINV has managed to attract one “buy” rating. The remaining eight analysts say “hold.” In October 2017, the ratings were the same as this month.

AINV was tracked by 13 analysts in September 2017. Of these, nine say “hold” and two say “strong buy.” One analyst gave the stock a “strong sell” rating, and another one had a “buy” rating on the stock.

Capitala Finance (CPTA) is analyzed by seven analysts in November 2017. Of these, six have a “hold” rating on the stock and one has a “buy” rating on the stock.


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