IBM Announces Cloud Private Software Platform Launch



IBM announced launch of Cloud Private software platform

As part of its cloud-centered strategy, IBM (IBM) announced the launch of the IBM Cloud Private software platform on November 1, 2017. IBM’s latest version of its Cloud Private platform is built on Kubernetes-based container architecture. This platform enables companies to develop on-premise cloud capabilities like public clouds to speed up app development.

Kubernetes is a container technology that was developed by Google (GOOG). It is an open source software package that helps developers to mechanize the deployment, scaling, sharing, and running of applications. Recently, this technology has garnered significant attention from leading technology players. In August 2017, VMware (VMW) teamed up with Google to promote Kubernetes to established companies with their own data centers.
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Increased competition in hybrid and private cloud space

The above presentation by Synergy Research shows that across the overall cloud, public IaaS (infrastructure as a service)/PaaS (platform-as-a-service) is expected to witness the strongest growth at an average of 29% on an annual basis. This category is followed by managed or hosted private cloud service, whose revenues are expected to grow by 24% on an annual basis.

IBM’s Cloud Private software platform is the company’s tailored hybrid cloud offering aimed at strengthening IBM’s performance in this space. Competition is increasing at a rapid pace in the hybrid cloud space owing to the increased expectation of adoption of this cloud service.

Recently, Microsoft (MSFT) launched Azure Stack launch, while Google (GOOG) entered a partnership with Cisco (CSCO) to take advantage of the growth potential in the hybrid cloud space. The Google-Cisco partnership will enable the IT department to use Cisco tools to manage their on-premise environments and link them to Google’s public IaaS cloud.

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