These Key Economic Indicators Are on the Horizon for Investors



Economic indicators

Next week, we’ll assess the following major economic indicators—all of which investors will be watching closely:

  • the US’s (IWM) final services PMI (purchasing managers’ index)
  • Japan’s final services PMI
  • Germany’s (EWG) final services PMI
  • France’s (EWQ) final services PMI
  • Spain’s final services PMI
  • the Eurozone’s (EZU) (VGK) final services PMI
  • the UK’s (EWU) final services PMI
  • US consumer confidence

Series overview

Remember, when major economic indicators such as inflation, manufacturing PMI, services PMI, employment, consumer confidence, and business confidence all show improvement, we can expect that an economy is in a healthy place.

In this series, we’ve seen how the manufacturing activity of major developed nations (EFA) grew in October 2017. Next week, we’ll analyze what the services activity indicates for these major developed nations, as both manufacturing and services are crucial parts of every economy. For this reason, global investors watch both PMIs for developed and emerging economies (EEM).

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