Analysts’ Recommendations for Energy Stocks for July 10–14



Analysts’ recommendations for SLB, HAL, NOV, and WFT

According to data compiled by Reuters, ~76% of sell-side analysts tracking Schlumberger (SLB) have recommended “buys” or equivalents on its stock, while 24% have recommended “holds.” 

Approximately 90% of sell-side analysts tracking Halliburton (HAL) have recommended “buys” or equivalents on its stock, while 8% have recommended “holds.”

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Chesapeake Energy

About 65% of Wall Street analysts covering Chesapeake Energy (CHK) stock have rated it as a “hold.” The stock’s average broker target price of $6.24 implies a ~37% return throughout the next year. Chesapeake Energy’s high target price is $10.00, while its low target price is ~$1.50.

Carrizo Oil & Gas

Approximately 31% of Wall Street analysts have rated Carrizo Oil & Gas (CRZO) as a “buy,” and ~54% have rated it as a “strong buy.” The remaining 15% have rated it as a “hold.” CRZO’s average broker target price is $35.57, which implies a ~129% return over the next 12 months compared to its current price.

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Whiting Petroleum

Around 19.0% of analysts covering Whiting Petroleum (WLL) have rated it as a “strong buy.” However, ~57% of analysts have rated it as a “hold.” The average broker target price of ~$11.19 for the company implies a potential return of ~120% for its stock over the next 12 months.


As of July 10, 2017, ~71% of the 24 analysts covering ConocoPhillips (COP) have given it “strong buy” or “buy” ratings. Six analysts have given it “strong buys,” 11 analysts have given it “buys,” and seven analysts have given it “holds,” There are no “strong sell” or “sell” ratings on COP.

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BP is covered by a total of 11 analysts. Four analysts, or 36%, have assigned “buy” or “strong buy” ratings on BP. Six analysts, or 55%, have given BP “hold” ratings, and one analyst has given it a “sell” rating. 

BP’s mean target price of $37 per share implies an 8% rise from its current level over the next 12 months. BP has seen its ratings weaken in July 2017. The stock has fewer “buy” ratings than it did in July 2016.

Valero Energy

Twelve out of the 21 analysts covering Valero Energy (VLO), or 57%, have rated its stock as a “buy.” Another nine analysts have rated Valero as a “hold.” VLO’s mean price target of $75 per share implies a ~9% rise from its current level.


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