Why Is IBM’s Partnership with Cisco So Important?



IBM joined hands with Cisco to improve position in workplace collaboration space

International Business Machines (IBM) is focused on forging strategic partnerships. Cisco (CSCO) is its newest partner. IBM announced the partnership with Cisco in late June 2016. It will enable both companies to develop a suite of cloud-based workplace tools and apps (applications).

IBM Watson will enhance Cisco’s business productivity software, including WebEx, an online meeting tool, and Spark, a work collaboration service. IBM Watson will help people searching for information on Cisco’s software to retrieve the correct information.

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In return, IBM will get access to Spark’s work messaging service users’ chat data. This data will then be used to improve IBM Watson’s understanding of the human language. This is similar to how Facebook’s (FB) Deep Text works. Deep Text is an AI (artificial intelligence) technology that absorbs users’ chats and comments data to understand the meaning and sentiment of the texts and posts.

Slack could be IBM’s next partner

Recently, Microsoft (MSFT) announced its acquisition of LinkedIn (LNKD), its largest acquisition to date. Through LinkedIn, Microsoft not only gets to target the social network space but also the workforce collaboration space, an area where Slack enjoys considerable dominance.

Slack is an enterprise workforce collaboration application. To enhance its position in the workplace collaboration space as well as improvise Watson, IBM might become tempted to partner with Slack. Box (BOX) and DocuSign, known for their specialization in online documents, are already partners with IBM.

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