Amazon Targets Database Shift with AWS Database Migration Service



Amazon launched AWS Database Migration Service

Previously in the series, we discussed the initiatives Google (GOOG) (GOOGL) has taken recently to improve its position in the fiercely competitive cloud space, wherein Amazon (AMZN) is winning. Google’s recent customer wins of Spotify and Apple (AAPL) indicate that the company is definitely on the right track to enhancing its position in the approximately $26 billion cloud computing space.

Competition in the cloud space is heating up. A few days back, Amazon announced the launch of cloud migration service AWS Database Migration Service. Through this service, companies can move their databases to AWS. Amazon claims that it can “set up their migrations in less than ten minutes.”

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Leading cloud players are competing to provide swift and easy database migration services

Amazon stated that since January 1, 2016, more than 1,000 databases have migrated to AWS. Through AWS Database Migration Service, Amazon is enticing companies to shift their on-premise data from other databases like MySQL, Oracle (ORCL), and MariaDB to Amazon’s cloud.

Recently in March 2016, Microsoft (MSFT) made its SQL Server database available on Linux OS. Before this announcement, the SQL Server database was available only on Windows OS. SQL Server database is Microsoft’s enterprise database platform that stores, retrieves, and interprets huge information data sets.

By freeing its SQL Server to run on Linux, Microsoft intends to surpass Oracle in the database space. However, Oracle continues to be frequently cited as the undisputed leader in the database space.
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