What Analysts Recommend for Interactive Brokers


Apr. 11 2018, Updated 7:31 a.m. ET

Ratings on IBKR

Seven analysts covered Interactive Brokers Group (IBKR) in April 2018. Three are suggesting a “hold” rating, while two analysts are recommending a “strong sell” on it. The stock doesn’t have any “buy” or “sell” ratings, and two analysts have given the stock a “strong buy” rating.

Six analysts were covering IBKR in March 2018. Three had suggested a “hold,” two suggested a “strong sell,” and one recommended a “strong buy” on the stock.

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Ratings on IBKR’s competitors

A total of 28 analysts are covering Interactive Brokers Group’s competitor (XLF) Goldman Sachs (GS). One is suggesting a “strong sell,” and 15 are recommending a “hold” on the stock. However, five analysts have given the stock “buy” ratings, six are suggesting a “strong buy,” and the remaining analyst recommends a “sell” on the stock.

31 analysts are covering JPMorgan Chase (JPM) in April 2018. Of these analysts, 13 are recommending a “hold,” and two analysts have given it “sell” ratings. However, eight analysts have given it “strong buy” ratings, and another eight analysts are recommending a “buy” on JPM. These ratings were the same in March 2018 also.

In February 2018, 31 analysts covered JPM, and 14 had given it “hold” ratings. Two had rated the stock a “sell.” Seven analysts had suggested a “strong buy,” and eight had given it a “buy” rating.

28 analysts covered Morgan Stanley (MS) in April 2018. 12 are suggesting a “strong buy,” and nine have given it “hold” ratings. Six analysts have given it “buy” ratings, and one is recommending a “sell” on the stock.


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