Mastercard Partners with M-Kopa Solar



Mastercard partners with M-Kopa

On February 26, 2018, Mastercard (MA) announced that it has entered a partnership with M-Kopa, a solar energy company. In Uganda, M-Kopa will be conducting a trial involving Mastercard’s QR technology where it aims to improve the pay-as-you-go program’s reach.

M-Kopa’s pay-as-you-go customers will be able to take advantage of new channels in order to make payments through Masterpass QR. Banks and mobile network operators (or MNOs) that are currently utilizing Masterpass QR will support M-KOPA’s initiative.

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Solar power requires a great deal of capital. However, M-Kopa’s pay-as-you-go customers have the opportunity to take advantage of credit purchases. These customers can make payments on a daily basis with the help of smartphones, and these costs are less than kerosene lamps. Through QR codes, these customers can easily and safely initiate payments. Moreover, they can also recharge their accounts.

According to Mastercard’s management, these initiatives offer customers easier access to energy. Mastercard’s book value per share stood at $5.19, and peers (XLF) First Data (FDC), Fitbit (FIT), and Total System Services (TSS) have book values per share of $3.41, $3.45, and $12.39, respectively.


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