What Analysts Are Recommending for State Street Today



STT’s analyst recommendations

Of the 20 analysts tracking State Street (STT) in January 2018, none has recommended a “strong sell” or a “sell.” Five analysts recommend a “strong buy,” while four recommend a “buy,” and 11 recommend a “hold” for the stock.

By comparison, in December 2017, STT was covered by 20 analysts, and five had recommended a “strong buy,” while 12 had recommended a “hold,” and three had recommended a “buy” for the stock.

In November 2017, of the 20 analysts tracking STT, 13 had recommended a “hold,” while four had recommended a “strong buy,” and three had recommended a “buy” for the stock.

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STT’s competitors

Six analysts are currently tracking SEI Investments (SEIC) in January 2018, and two recommend a “strong buy,” while two recommend a “hold,” and two recommend a “buy” for the stock.

PNC Financial Services (PNC) is covered by 29 analysts in January 2018, and four of them recommend a “buy,” while 17 recommend a “hold,” and eight recommend a “strong buy” for the stock. None recommends a “strong sell” or “sell.”

State Street’s other competitor (XLF), Invesco Limited (IVZ), is covered by 16 analysts in January 2018, and eight of them recommend a “hold,” while five recommend a “strong buy,” and three recommend a “buy” for the stock.

Notably, IVZ was covered by 16 analysts in December 2017, and none of them recommended a “strong sell” or “sell” for the stock. However, six analysts had suggested a “strong buy,” while five had recommended a “hold,” and another five had suggested a “buy” for the stock.


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