Discover Financial Services: What Analysts Are Saying



Ratings for DFS

Twenty-six analysts are tracking Discover Financial Services (DFS) in January 2018. Six of them have given it a “hold” rating, one is recommending a “strong sell,” ten are suggesting a “buy,” and nine have given it a “strong buy” rating. None of them have rated it a “sell.”

Twenty-five analysts tracked DFS in December 2017. Nine of them rated the stock a “buy,” six gave it a “hold,” one gave it a “strong sell,” and nine gave it a “strong buy.” DFS was covered by 25 analysts in November 2017. Eight of them suggested a “buy,” eight gave it a “hold,” one gave it a “strong sell,” and eight suggested a “strong buy.”

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Ratings for peers

Discover Financial’s competitor (XLF) Ally Financial (ALLY) is covered by 20 analysts in January 2018. Five of them are rating it a “hold,” one is suggesting a “strong sell,” and seven are recommending a “strong buy.” The remaining seven analysts are suggesting a “buy.”

ALLY was tracked by 19 analysts in December 2017. Eight suggested a “strong buy,” four rated it a “hold,” one suggested a “strong sell,” and six suggested a “buy.”

First Data Corporation (FDC) is covered by 33 analysts in January 2018. Thirteen of them are suggesting a buy,” and seven are suggesting a “hold.” The remaining 13 analysts are recommending a “strong buy.”

In January 2018, Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) is covered by 23 analysts. Nine of them are suggesting a “strong buy,” five are recommending a “hold,” and the remaining nine have given it a “buy” rating.


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