Wall Street Analysts’ Ratings on Interactive Brokers



Analysts’ views

In November 2017, six analysts were tracking Interactive Brokers Group (IBKR) and one analyst gave a “strong sell” rating while another rated the stock as “strong buy.” The company attracted “hold” ratings from the remaining four analysts. In October 2017, the company saw the same ratings as it did this month.

Seven analysts were tracking IBKR in September 2017, and two rated the stock a “strong buy” while one had a “strong sell” rating. The remaining four analysts have “hold” ratings on IBKR.

IBKR’s peers

Morgan Stanley (MS) is tracked by 27 analysts. One analyst has a “sell” rating on the stock. The company attracted ten “hold” ratings and 11 “strong buy” ratings. However, the remaining five analysts have “buy” ratings on MS. The company hasn’t attracted any “strong sell” ratings.

In November 2017, Goldman Sachs (GS) is tracked by 28 analysts. One analyst has rated GS a “sell” and five analysts have “buy” ratings. Another analyst rated the company’s stock a “strong sell” and another five analysts rated the stock a “strong buy.” Notably, the company saw “hold” ratings from the remaining 16 analysts. In October 2017, the ratings were the same.

GS was tracked by 28 analysts in September 2017, of which 15 analysts had a “hold” rating and seven had a “strong buy” rating. “Buy” ratings came from four analysts and one analyst had a “strong sell” rating. The remaining analyst rated GS a “sell.”

Interactive Brokers Group’s competitor (XLF) CBOE Global Markets (CBOE) is tracked by 13 analysts. Nine analysts have “hold” ratings on CBOE while “strong buy” ratings came from two analysts. However, the remaining two analysts suggested a “buy.”

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