What Carlyle Group’s Analysts Have to Say after 2Q17



Consistent ratings

Carlyle Group’s (CG) stock is being tracked by 12 analysts. Four analysts have rated the stock as a “buy,” while four have given it a “strong buy” rating, and the remaining four have rated the stock as a “hold.” Notably, these ratings are same as they were in July 2017.

However, in June 2017, when 12 analysts were analyzing CG stock, three analysts rated it a “buy,” while four rated it a “strong buy,” and the remaining five gave a “hold” rating to the stock.

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Peer ratings

Of the seven analysts tracking Alliance Bernstein Holding (AB), one has given a “strong buy” rating, while two have rated the stock a “buy,” and four have given a “hold” rating.

Ameriprise Financial Services (AMP) is being covered by 12 analysts, of which four have rated the stock a “strong buy,” and three have rated it a “buy.” The remaining five analysts have given AMP stock a “hold” rating.

Alternative asset managing peer (XLF) Apollo Global Management (APO) is currently being tracked by 15 analysts, of which seven have rated the stock a “buy,” while four have given a “strong buy” rating. The remaining four analysts have given APO stock a “hold” rating.


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