Tilray Exports to Switzerland and 13 Other Countries



In recent news, Tilray Inc. (TLRY) exported medical marijuana to Switzerland. The company exported medical marijuana extracts to cater to the needs of patients in Switzerland. Apart from Switzerland, TLRY exports to medical cannabis markets in 13 other countries.

Tilray’s exports

Tilray exported medical marijuana extracts from its GMP-certified facility to Switzerland. The company got its export permits at the start of the month. Recently, the company exported the first shipment of its cannabis extracts. The shipment reached Switzerland by December 13.

Also, Tilray expects to grow its export product portfolio for Switzerland. TLRY might add dried medical marijuana to its extracts in the next shipment. This growth in its product offering will help Switzerland patients choose what they need for their varying medical conditions.

Sascha Mielcarek, Tilray’s managing director in Europe, said, “We’re proud to deliver Tilray’s medical cannabis to Swiss patients in need as we continue our expansion into Europe and around the globe… Tilray is committed to quality and patient safety and we look forward to significantly improving the quality of lives of Swiss patients through our medical cannabis products.”

Other than Switzerland, Tilray has pharmaceutical distributor supply deals with 13 other countries. These countries include Peru, Brazil, Ireland, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Cyprus, Croatia, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

Other recent updates on Tilray

In another recent news, TLRY got its GMP certification for its facility in Portugal. This is the second GMP certification for the company. The first certification allowed the production and export of dried cannabis products as raw materials. The second allows the company to exports its medical marijuana products.

Tilray made its first export shipment of dried cannabis to Germany in September 2019. Whereas, the company can now export pharmaceutical-grade medical products. Tilray plans to expand the supply of medical marijuana in the European markets from its EU campus in Portugal from next year.

Switzerland marijuana market

Marijuana use in Switzerland is tricky. To simplify things, the use of medical marijuana in the country is legal but only with an exceptional license. The need for medical marijuana and usage keeps growing. Recreational marijuana is still not allowed in Switzerland. This is not an uncommon environment for cannabis companies like Tilray.

However, the minimum punishment is very lenient compared to other countries. The cost of carrying less than 10 grams of marijuana is only a $100 Swedish Franc fine. Any type of cannabis product is legal if it contains less than 1% THC. This includes cannabis flowers, CBD products, or even industrial hemp.

To use medical products in Switzerland, patients need to get an exceptional license from the Federal Office of Public Health. From July 2011, patients with the license can get medical marijuana with less than 1% THC from any Swiss doctors.

Patients who use these products to fight pain, depression, and inflammation have grown. As per a recent report by SonntagsZeitung, the country raised $15.1 million Swedish Francs in tax revenue from the market last year. Tilray may see more profit yet.

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