Organigram Launches Cannabis 2.0 Products



In recent news, Organigram Holdings (OGI) released its first batch of Cannabis 2.0 products. The company has been working on developing its Cannabis 2.0 portfolio in the last few months and recently released its vape cartridges, Flicker and Trailblazer Spark.

On December 17, the company shipped its first batch to Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick from its production facility in Moncton. During its earnings release, Organigram announced its plans to release vape pens before the end of the year.

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Organigram’s Cannabis 2.0 products

According to its planned timeline, the company launched its first batch of vape cartridges, Flicker and Trailblazer Spark. Organigram’s cartridges contained cannabis concentrates extracted by pressurized carbon dioxide and botanical terpenes. These cartridges are custom-made, using components such as stainless steel and borosilicate glass. Further, these cartridges support a regular 510-thread battery.

Notably, Organigram’s Trailblazer brand encompasses three product types. The Spark products are Sativa dominant, Glow products are Indica dominant, and Flicker products are a hybrid between Sativa and Indica. These three product lines are an expansion of the company’s other Trailblazer products, such as its dried cannabis flowers and pre-rolls.

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Management’s take

Organigram’s management believes it is critical to bring its Cannabis 2.0 products to the market at the right time. As Cannabis 2.0 legalization is still recent, many companies are working on improving their products. With a first-mover advantage, the company expects to have a better chance to obtain a better market share. Organigram develops its derivate products through testing and regular quality checks to become established in the regulated market.

Organigram CEO Greg Engel noted, “Being one of the first licensed producers in the country ready to provide vape products, following the expiration of Health Canada’s 60-day notification period, illustrates that degree of focus and commitment. It speaks to an extraordinary effort by our internal teams who helped bring the Trailblazer Torch to market.”

2020 outlook

In January 2020, Organigram plans to launch Edison + Feather distillate pens and Edison + PAX ERA distillate cartridges. Plus, the company foresees a delay in Alberta, Quebec, and Newfoundland and Labrador. These delays would result from restrictions in the province or limitations of distribution schedules.

In the next six months, Organigram plans to expand its Cannabis 2.0 portfolio of products. The company’s next set of products may include cannabis-infused chocolates and nanoemulsion powder-infused beverages.


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