HAL or SLB: Which Are Institutional Investors Buying?



The top ten institutional investors in Halliburton (HAL) added 32.4 million HAL shares to their positions in the third quarter, indicating their bullish sentiment in the stock. The Vanguard Group and Dodge & Cox were the biggest buyers of the stock. The Vanguard Group increased its position by 12.2 million Halliburton shares. It now holds 78.5 million, accounting for around 9% of the company’s outstanding shares.

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Top investors in HAL

Dodge & Cox, the second-largest investor in Halliburton, added 15.5 million shares in the third quarter. It holds 5.2% of the company’s outstanding shares. On the other hand, BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, the third-largest investor in Halliburton, sold 0.6 million of the company’s shares.

The sale of 13 million shares by Capital Research Global Investors and the sale of 8.7 million shares by Wellington Management Company were among the notable sales of HAL.

The top ten investors together hold around 40% of Halliburton’s outstanding shares. Thus, investors keep a close eye on their activity.

Top investors in SLB

Five of the top ten investors in Schlumberger added to their positions, while five reduced their positions in the stock in the third quarter. Still, the top ten investors added a combined 10.1 million SLB shares to their positions. The top ten investors together hold 33.8% of Schlumberger’s outstanding shares. The Vanguard Group, which bought 12.2 million HAL shares, bought just 0.3 million SLB shares in the third quarter.

In comparison, while State Street Global Advisors added 0.6 million HAL shares, it sold 1.8 million SLB shares in the third quarter. BlackRock Institutional Trust Company sold both shares in the third quarter.

Among the notable buyers of Schlumberger shares, Franklin Advisers bought 9.0 million, and Capital International Investors bought 5.1 million. On the other hand, Citadel LLC and Manulife Investment Management were among the notable sellers of Schlumberger stock.

Echoing institutional investors’ sentiments, more analysts call Halliburton a “buy” than Schlumberger. Additionally, analysts see a greater upside for Halliburton than Schlumberger. Halliburton stock has fallen 23% so far in 2019, while Schlumberger is down 2%.

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