Get Real: When Will the Unicorn Bubble Burst?



In today’s Get Real, we saw that Disney+ was down before it even got started and that Southwest is suing Boeing. Plus, the unicorn bubble could burst soon…

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Bad news for Disney

Disney+ is set to launch in November after months of intense marketing. Netflix, one of the streaming service’s greatest competitors, has been harder to take on than Disney anticipated. Will lower prices be enough to propel Disney+?

Aurora Cannabis launched a new product 

Aurora Cannabis partnered with CTT Pharmaceutical Holdings to launch cannabis wafers. Currently, the product is available for medical patients in Canada.

Robert Greifeld: Unicorn bubble’s fate

Nasdaq’s former CEO, Robert Greifeld, warned investors that the unicorn bubble might burst. WeWork and Lyft are examples of fallen unicorns.

Ford and Puma

Ford started producing Puma, the SUV-inspired crossover, in Romania. Puma is one of eight electrified vehicles the company plans to launch in Europe this year.

PayPal exited Facebook’s Libra

PayPal left Facebook’s Libra project. The company was one of the founding members of the Libra Association. However, the Libra Association doesn’t seem concerned about Facebook’s exit.

What to watch for

Is Amazon a ‘Buy’?

Amazon has been an incredibly successful company, but it has slowed down this year. Upcoming third-quarter earnings could help drive the stock.

Southwest sues Boeing

The Southwest Airlines Pilot Association is suing Boeing for loss of income and breach of trust. The tariffs on Airbus added to the tension in the airline industry. Boeing is still on the ground with no clear signs of takeoff anytime soon.

China’s auto sector might bottom out

Jeff Chung, a Citi Research analyst, thinks that China’s auto sector might bottom out. The Chinese government has been taking steps to help the auto sector since August. So far, the situation hasn’t improved much.  

Noteworthy energy stocks

Energy stocks, including ExxonMobil and Chevron, have been falling in October. We discussed several noteworthy energy stocks before the third-quarter reports.  



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