Cannabis Companies Are Focusing on Medical Cannabis



Grounding in science

Previously, we discussed that Canopy Growth (WEED) (CGC) is developing its international medical market. The company thinks that the European market could be lucrative with high potential. Canopy Growth is conducting clinical research on cannabis products’ medical benefits to serve the Canadian and international market. In these markets, Canopy Growth’s Spectrum Therapeutics brand will be at the forefront of growth and visibility.

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Cannabis companies have faced resistance due to cannabis products’ viability as an alternative to traditional remedies. Grounding the cannabis medical products in science is important. Canopy Growth stated that it’s also leading efforts to educate medical practitioners on the benefit of medical cannabis.

Aurora’s clinical trials

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Aurora Cannabis (ACB) is conducting over 40 clinical trials and seven pre-clinical studies. The company is also pushing to make cannabis for medical use more grounded in science and data. Recently, HEXO (HEXO) established operations in Greece—the company’s first European market.
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We think that the medical cannabis business will be the next wave in the cannabis sector following the Canadian recreational cannabis wave. Our belief stems from the assumption that international markets will open to medical cannabis before recreational cannabis.


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