Apple iPhone 11: Is It Worth the Upgrade?



Yesterday, Apple (AAPL) launched the iPhone 11, which put all of the rumors and speculations to rest. The company also unveiled the new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max during the event. Apple mainly focused on all three iPhones’ cutting-edge camera specs. The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max’s triple rear camera is the most striking feature. Also, the iPhone 11 has a dual rear camera. The iPhone trio will revolutionize video quality and offer an incredible photography experience. Let’s see what each of the latest iPhones offers and whether it’s worth the upgrade.

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Apple iPhone 11 is a feature-rich budget phone

The iPhone 11 is a successor to Apple’s affordable iPhone XR. Interestingly, Apple plans to keep the iPhone XR in its portfolio. The iPhone 11, with its ultra-wide camera, captures 4x images and videos. As a result, the camera is perfect for motion pictures. Video editing will also be a seamless experience. For all the selfie lovers, it’s time for the “slofie,” which is an innovation from Apple.  A “slofie” is a slow-motion “selfie.”

A dual ion-exchange process is employed to strengthen the iPhone 11’s front and back glass. The advanced smartphone has double the water-resistant capacity of the iPhone XR. Apple claims that the new A13 Bionic chip in the phone is the fastest smartphone processor ever. Among the iPhone 11’s other advanced features, there’s Ultra-Wideband technology for spatial awareness. So, if you want to share a file through Airdrop locally with a fellow Apple user, you just need to point your device towards the user’s phone. All-day battery life, wireless charging, and spatial audio are some of the iPhone 11’s other highlights.

Apple offers the iPhone 11 at a starting price of $699, which is $50 less than the iPhone XR. For the 64 GB specification, it’s $29.12 per month for an iPhone Upgrade Program member.

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Apple went a notch higher with the Pro series

Apple pushed the envelope more with the launch of its iPhone Pro series. The new iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max usher a new generation of high-end smartphones. Both of the smartphones feature three high-end rear cameras with Ultra-Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras. The cameras’ unique propositions are low light photography, night mode, natural colors, and high-quality action videos.

The latest iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max are durable enough with the toughest-ever glass. They’re also rated IP68 for water resistance. Apple promises to offer an “immersive HDR viewing experience” on the iPhones with its new Super Retina XDR display. Just like the iPhone 11, the Pro series iPhones also feature the A13 Bionic chips. The latest Machine Learning accelerators will allow the iPhones’ CPU to perform more than 1 trillion operations per second.

The iPhone Pro offers four more hours of battery life than the iPhone XS. Notably, the iPhone Pro Max offers five more hours of battery life than the iPhone XS Max.

Currently, the new Apple iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max are priced at $999 and $1,099, respectively.

iOS 13 and Deep Fusion offer the best Machine Learning platform

The iOS 13 and Deep Fusion, scheduled for later this fall, will enhance the iPhone Pro series’ AI power.

The new Apple iPhone series runs on the A13 Bionic chip. As a result, an updated iOs 13 is required to keep pace with the faster neural engine. The exceptionally advanced hardware on Apple’s iPhones requires equally powerful software. The iPhone mainly needs the software for speedy photo and video analysis. The new software update on September 19 will take iPhones to a whole new level. System-wide Dark Mode, one-touch sign in, and improved security features are some of the iPhone features. Some of the other advantages include Smarter Siri and enhanced Apple Map apps.

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Deep Fusion is another revolutionary feature that will be available along with the iOS 13 update. Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, called Deep Fusion a “computational photography mad science.” We think that Deep Fusion is Apple’s version of AI photography. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet thinks that Deep Fusion is Apple’s attempt to counter Google’s Night Sight feature. Deep Fusion is stitching the new images “pixel-by-pixel” with ample details and minimal noise.

Should you upgrade to Apple’s iPhone 11?

Daniel Ives from Wedbush Securities said that around one-third of Apple’s 900 million iPhones could see upgrades in the next 12–18 months. Whether iPhone buyers think that it’s worthwhile to upgrade to the new iPhone 11 series depends on a few factors. Some of the factors include pricing, upgrade cycle, technology features, and the upgrading objective.

If you’re a photography or videography freak or a professional photographer, you might want to give the new iPhone Pro series a shot, even if the phones are pricey. With the A13 Bionic chip, the fastest smartphone processor, the phone is also attractive for gamers.

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However, for users who aren’t too keen about the cameras or gaming, you can wait for the 5G version of the iPhone, which will likely be out next year. If you want to keep your phone for another four years or so, you would need better network compatibility and 5G is the answer. With Samsung S10 5G already on the market, you might also want to compare it with iPhone 5G before making a choice.

The Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series will be available on September 20. Just ten days to go! The iPhone 11 Pro series’ prices seem higher, which might lead users to consider other alternatives. The iPhone 11 is a budget alternative with many features. So, if you want an urgent upgrade, you might consider the iPhone 11.

Will iPhone sales rebound?

Apple’s iPhone sales have been dwindling for the last few quarters, which stressed the numbers significantly. The net sales fell 11.8% YoY (year-over-year) in the June quarter. The company’s net revenues fell 4%–5% YoY in the December and March quarters, respectively. In the June quarter, the YoY rise in net sales was a meager 1%. We need to wait and see if consumers rush to upgrade their iPhones and boost Apple’s sales. Apple stock closed 3.8% higher month-to-date at $216.70 on Tuesday. The sentiment was upbeat after the event. We need to watch the price movement for the next few sessions after the ongoing euphoria fades.


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