Amazon’s Twitch Set to Be Released on Apple TV



According to AppleInsider, Amazon’s (AMZN) Twitch will be available on Apple TV (AAPL). Twitch is currently available on Apple’s iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

AppleInsider stated, “The app will boast the same features that the iOS and desktops apps do. Features include the ability to watch both live and prerecorded videos as well as the ability to participate in the on-screen chat.” It added, “Twitch encourages users to use the tvOS app the same way they would use the other apps.”

Twitch, a leading gaming and eSports streaming platform, has rapidly grown its unique visitor count. In October 2013, Twitch had around 45 million unique visitors, according to Business of Apps. When it was acquired by Amazon in 2014 for $1 billion in August 2014, it had 55 million unique visitors.

Business of Apps reports Twitch’s monthly viewers grew to 100 million in 2015. It adds that it had 15 million daily viewers by the end of last year. Last year, Twitch users’ total content consumption rose 58% year-over-year to 560 billion minutes.

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Users’ average time spent per day on the platform is 95 minutes, reports Business of Apps. It added that the most popular game on Twitch, Fortnite, accounts for 14% of views. The website is ranked 30th by Alexa and 52nd by SimilarWeb. The US accounts for 20% of Twitch traffic, according to Business of Apps.

Could Apple TV grab part of the streaming market?

The streaming device market has attracted top tech companies. Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, and Chromecast (GOOGL) (GOOG), which hold 13.2%, 29.3%, and 16.6% of the market, respectively, are all looking to gain traction. However, a much smaller player, Roku (ROKU), currently holds most (37%) of the connected TV market. Roku, which is valued at $17.6 billion, has seen its stock rise by a staggering 453% year-to-date. The top four players account for 96% of the market.

It will be interesting to see if Apple TV’s user count spikes after it takes Twitch onboard. Gaming and eSports enthusiasts may prefer watching content on smart TVs, as they generally have better resolution than other devices.

The shift to streaming platforms has increased demand for streaming devices. Through agreements like its Twitch partnership, Apple could grab more of the connected TV market. In November, Apple is set to launch Apple TV+, a streaming platform similar to Netflix and Hulu.

Apple has to find ways to diversify revenue, as iPhone sales are slowing. The iPhone accounted for 66.3% of Apple’s sales in fiscal 2015, and 48% in the quarter ended in June. Apple’s services have been a key growth driver over the years.


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