Why Apex Legends Is Critical for Electronic Arts



Apex Legends

The spectacular success of battle royale games such as Fortnite and PUBG has compelled Electronic Arts (EA) and peers to launch battle royale games of their own. Since EA launched Apex Legends on February 4, the free-to-play game has gained over 50 million players. This growth was driven as viewers were able to stream the game on Twitch and YouTube. In comparison, Fortnite took four months to reach a player base of 40 million.

EA has also attracted new players through Apex Legends, with over 30% of its players being new to EA. The company aims to keep Apex Legends players engaged by introducing in-game content updates and new seasons.

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Could EA launch Apex Legends in China?

Viewership of Apex Legends on Twitch and other online platforms has significantly declined since the game’s launch, which is nothing new as games’ novelty tends to wear off. If EA were to team up with Tencent and launch Apex Legends in China, its player base could grow exponentially, boosting EA stock. China, the world’s biggest gaming market, accounts for 25.0% of global gaming revenue.


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