Is Amazon Interested in Buying Boost Mobile?



Amazon reportedly wants to buy Boost Mobile

The T-Mobile (TMUS) and Sprint (S) merger saga continues. According to reports, US Department of Justice officials now want the two carriers to create a fourth competitor as a part of their merger to get the green light. Otherwise, the merger would reduce the number of major telecommunications companies in the country to three.

That fourth company could be Amazon (AMZN). According to a report by Reuters, the e-commerce giant is interested in acquiring Boost Mobile from the two carriers.

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Amazon has been ramping up its Prime benefits

The report notes that the acquisition of Boost Mobile will give Amazon access to T-Mobile’s wireless network for at least six years. However, as the report points out, it’s not clear at the moment why Amazon wants to do that. However, the report also suggested that a cable company, such as Comcast, could try to become the fourth major mobile operator.

If Amazon clears regulatory scrutiny and owns the fourth-largest carrier in the country—which is pure speculation at this point—its Prime membership could include one more feature!

Amazon has been ramping up its Prime membership benefits, especially in the United States, where it charges $119 annually per member. The company’s revenue from its Prime membership has been surging, as the graph above suggests.


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