Here’s the Latest Fine Google Could Face

Google could be in trouble with Indian antitrust regulators

Google parent Alphabet (GOOG) has been in hot water with the European antitrust regulators in the last couple of years. The search-engine giant may now face heat from Indian antitrust watchdogs.

The Competition Commission of India (or CCI) is scrutinizing whether Google used Android to block its rivals in the country. This case is similar to the EU case, where Google was accused of abusing its dominant position in the Android Operating System.

Here’s the Latest Fine Google Could Face

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Google’s bottom line has taken a hit due to previous fines

The EU fined Google $5 billion last year for forcing Android smartphone vendors to pre-install its search engine and Chrome browser apps on smartphones if they want to pre-install Google’s Play Store. The CCI seems to be taking a cue from the EU. It fined the tech giant 1.36 billion rupees (or $1.93 million) for abusing its role as India’s leading search engine.

Apple has a very small market share in the country, which means that most of the smartphones in India are likely to be powered by Android. The increasing fines that Google is facing have been taking a toll on its bottom line. However, Google is still contesting some of these fines. Meanwhile, the company’s growth is slowing down as a result of increasing competition.