Here Are the Top Institutional Investors in Kinder Morgan



Top investors

The top ten investors in Kinder Morgan (KMI) together added 14 million KMI shares to their positions, according to the latest filings. According to a May 13 filing, Richard Kinder added 1.1 million KMI shares to his position. Kinder owns 252.4 million KMI shares, accounting for ~11.1% of the company’s outstanding shares. The Vanguard Group, the second largest investor in Kinder Morgan bought 9.8 million KMI shares, according to a March 31 filing.

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State Street Global Advisors bought 3.4 million Kinder Morgan shares in Q1. ClearBridge Investments added a notable 10.3 million KMI shares to its position in Q1. On the other hand, Wellington Management Company sold 5.8 million KMI shares in Q1. Activist investor Franklin Mutual Advisers sold 3.5 million shares.

The above table shows the top ten investors in Kinder Morgan, along with their latest position changes. Together, the ten investors own 35% of KMI’s outstanding shares. Kinder Morgan’s total outstanding shares rose from 2,205 million at the end of Q3 2018 to 2,262 million at the end of Q1 2019.

Harvest Fund Advisors, not among the ten largest investors, added a sizable 20 million KMI shares to its position recently. Among other notable sale transactions, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Millennium Management, and Capital World Investors sold 7.7 million, 6.7 million, and 5.9 million KMI shares, respectively.

Institutional ownership

About 65.3% of Kinder Morgan’s outstanding shares are owned by institutional investors. Around 1,418 institutional investors together own ~1,478 million KMI shares. In the last three months, the institutional investors purchased 127.1 million shares and sold 117.9 million shares, resulting in a net purchase of 9.1 million KMI shares during this period. Overall, the institutional investors’ activity indicates their bullish sentiments for Kinder Morgan.


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