What Are Bernie Sanders’ Views on Marijuana Legalization?



Campaigning on marijuana

The 2020 presidential race will be an exciting one for the marijuana industry. Several candidates have expressed their support for legalizing marijuana to solve certain drug-related issues in the country. The US could follow in Canada’s footsteps on this issue. In the last Canadian election, one of Justin Trudeau’s campaign promises was to legalize marijuana.

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Sanders on marijuana

On March 4, Bernie Sanders, who has announced his intention to run in the 2020 presidential election, was asked about his views on legalizing marijuana on a morning radio show called The Breakfast Club. Bernie Sanders outright stated that he believes in legalizing marijuana. Other Democratic candidates agree with his stance.

Late last week, Cory Booker reintroduced the revised version of his previously introduced Marijuana Justice Act, which seeks to legalize marijuana at the federal level. Senator Cory Booker specifically seemed to target sections of the community that are negatively impacted by the marijuana laws currently in place in the US.

Sanders’ rationale behind legalizing marijuana also focused on creating a legal system that is more just and doesn’t discriminate racially. Sanders is opposed to the same treatment for a person caught with marijuana as a person caught with heroin under the Controlled Substance Act.

Legalized marijuana in the US would be a key catalyst for Canadian companies (HMMJ) Aphria (APHA), Aurora Cannabis (ACB), Canopy Growth (WEED), and Tilray (TLRY).

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