EA’s Strategy behind Making Apex Legends Successful



EA launches its latest title

Gaming company Electronic Arts (EA) launched its battle royale shooter game, Apex Legends, on February 4. Adopting a different promotional strategy, EA paid gamer extraordinaire Tyler Blevins (“Ninja”) and other influencers to promote the game, according to Reuters. EA reportedly paid $1 million to Blevin, who is said to have earned $500,000 per month for streaming his Fortnite gaming on Twitch last year.

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The $1 million may pay off

Blevins, with over 13.6 million Twitch followers, is making Apex Legends very popular. EA’s latest hot title reportedly had 25 million users a week after the launch, with 1 million players trying the game on its release day alone.

The strategy of skipping marketing campaigns may look like a risky strategy, but it seems to have worked. Additionally, EA might have saved millions in doing so.

Although Apex Legends competes with the likes of Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the game is gaining traction and could boost EA’s slowing growth. Despite gaining recently, the stock has fallen 23% in the past year.


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