Verizon’s Mean Target Price Has Risen



Analysts’ recommendations

Verizon (VZ) stock offers a potential upside of ~9.5% going forward compared to its current market price of $54.03. Wall Street analysts have given Verizon a mean target price of $59.14 for the next 12 months, up from $58.98 a month ago. Verizon stock has risen ~9.1% in the trailing-12-month period and fallen ~3.9% year-to-date.

Among the 30 analysts currently tracking Verizon, ~40% (or 12) have given it “buy” ratings, and the remaining ~60% (or 18) have given it “holds.” No analysts have given Verizon “sell” ratings.

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First-quarter estimates

In the first quarter, Wall Street analysts expect Verizon’s adjusted EPS to fall ~0.9% YoY (year-over-year) to $1.16 and its revenue to rise ~1.6% YoY to $32.3 billion.

In comparison, AT&T’s (T) adjusted EPS are expected to rise ~1.2% YoY to $0.86 in the first quarter, while T-Mobile’s (TMUS) adjusted EPS are expected to rise ~17.9% YoY to $0.92. 

Sprint (S) is expected to report adjusted EPS of -$0.02 in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2018, which ends on March 31.


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