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Analysts’ Estimates for Canopy Growth’s Earnings



Canopy Growth’s EPS

Canopy Growth (WEED) (CGC) is expected to report a loss per share of ~0.15 Canadian dollars, which will be more than the loss per share of 0.02 Canadian dollars. The company reported a loss per share of 1.5 Canadian dollars in the most recent quarter.

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Peers’ outlook

In our pre-earnings series on Tilray (TLRY) released on February 6, What to Expect for Tilray’s Earnings, we noted that cannabis companies are expected to have negative earnings. Currently, cannabis companies are growing and investing in expansion. The negative charge from the expenses could have an impact on companies’ bottom lines. We should focus on the guidance that the companies provide.

We’ll look for details on the progress with Canopy Growth’s hemp license that it recently received in New York. We’ll also look for the company’s move into other countries enabling legalized medical marijuana.

Recently, Canopy Growth’s CEO, Bruce Linton, shed light on the next phases for the cannabis industry (MJ) at the Cantech Investment Conference.

Linton’s insights provided investors and analysts with useful information. His insights could form the basis of companies’ projections in the cannabis industry. To learn more, read Canopy Growth’s Bruce Linton Talks Next Steps for the Industry.


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