Some of President Trump’s Misfired Tweets in 2018



Misfired tweets

President Trump is an active Twitter user. His tweets have a market-moving impact. President Trump has targeted several companies including General Motors (GM), Ford (F), Amazon (AMZN), and Apple (AAPL) in his tweets.

In this part, we’ll discuss some of President Trump’s tweets that misfired in 2018. The first major misfired tweet was on April 6. President Trump tweeted that aluminum prices fell despite the tariffs. The tariffs led to an increase in US physical aluminum premiums and not aluminum prices. A few days after the tweet, President Trump announced sanctions on RUSAL—the leading Russian aluminum producer. After the move, aluminum prices rose to the highest level since 2011.

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China’s markets

In a tweet in September, President Trump tweeted that while US equity markets are “surging,” Chinese equity markets are “collapsing.” Since then, there has been a sharp fall in US equity markets (SPY). In December, President Trump tweeted that he is a “Tariff Man.” US equity markets fell sharply after the tweet. President Trump went into defense mode and tweeted about the positive progress in the US-China trade war.

President Trump might have gone overboard praising the Section 232 tariffs. President Trump tweeted how the tariffs are positive for the US steel industry and have led to more jobs and investments. While several new steel plants have been announced after the tariffs and US steel companies are making record earnings, the stock markets have been cold to steel stocks. All of the leading US steel producers are trading with a year-to-date loss.


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